IPTV Free Trial – 3 days Experience HUTV

PTV Free Trial – 3 days Experience HUTV

Try the free 72 hours IPTV free trial today.

As one of the best reliable and stable IPTV services, HUTV has running for over 4 years. And have deployed more than 200 servers in USA and Canada. We provide 1000+ HD live and premium and popular channels for USA and Canada.

Our services include 1000+ channels and 10000+ latest movies, 7 days EPG function with Gild and Classic format, and 7 Days playback DVR.

Free Trial

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Rules for free trial HUTV

Before you want to use our free service, there are different ground rules to give everyone the free trials they desire.

1.) We give free trials to serious customers who want to test our product. The trial version is 72 hours, if we find that the free trial version is not used for 2 hours, we will block the trial version immediately. Please try to work with us otherwise we have to take action and restrict access to your trial.

– We are able to see you online or offline
– How many hours you have been online
– Which channels you have been watching
– Which country you are using IPTV?
– Which device you are using through our service
– Please use well-known and proven devices such as Mag Box, Android TV, enigma, and other devices which are – well-known in the IPTV community.
-Our services need not VPN.

2.) Please be careful with your trial version, because you can only try 1-time trial. We always hear that you were not able to use it, believe us we hear this every day. That is why we decided to only give once and that’s it.

3. ) We don’t support devices or applications. You have to install it by yourself. You can manually find installation guides on Google, Youtube or on our website.

4.) Please don’t ask for a different link. Our powerful services are online 24 hours and every link we give works for our clients.

5.) Fake persons on Telegram. Stop trying to fool us:

– Don’t try to delete your account and username for a second trial. We are well aware that you are trying to trick us to get more trials. If we see this happening we will not contact you or answer your questions anymore. Be Aware!

The IPTV free trial starts when you receive it by email and log in to our Application HUTV application!

First, try a 72-hour IPTV free trial before buying. This subscription is only available for 72 hours, and if you misuse it, the system will automatically detect and ban your IPTV addresses (proxy will not work).

24 hour IPTV test period is available for the following devices:
–  Android mobile like Samasun, XiaoMi, Huawei….
– Android devices like Firesticks, Roku, Mi Box…..
– Smart TV (Samsung or LG TV) and more……

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